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Breast cancer is a widespread and devastating disease that affects women of all ages, races,
and socio-economic backgrounds. In India, it is the most common form of cancer in women,
accounting for a staggering 14% of all cancers in this population. Unfortunately, due to a lack
of access to quality health care and early detection, the survival rates for Indian women with
breast cancer are alarmingly low.

However, there is hope. Raising awareness about the importance of early detection can go a
long way in reducing the number of women affected by this disease. This was the driving
force behind a recent breast cancer screening and awareness camp organized by Shree Raj
Medical and Healthcare Centre and the Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre.
The camp was conceived and made possible by the exceptional efforts by a high school
student, Mahek Jignesh Shah from The International School Bangalore. The camp was held
in the rural areas of Sudhagadh and Khalapur Taluka in Maharashtra and provided screening
for 147 women from 40 different villages.

The camp utilized a radiation-free, non-invasive screening method called Thermalytix; a
patented technology developed by a health-tech startup called Niramai. The success of this
camp has inspired Shree Raj Medical & Healthcare Centre to continue their efforts in
providing quality health care to rural communities, with plans to host a cervical cancer
screening camp in the near future.

The high cost of late detection in breast cancer highlights the critical importance of early
diagnosis and access to quality health care. We must all do our part in raising awareness and
advocating for the resources and support needed to help women overcome this disease.
Starting out with just one local community or one state can have a momentous impact.
Therefore, rolling out such camps nationally can save a large
number of lives.

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